Preparing your flowers:

  • Take flowers out of water.
  • Cut the stems off the flowers.
  • Just ship the heads of the flowers; Preferably Keep the heads of the flowers intact. You do NOT need to peel the petals off. However, if you have already peeled the petals off it will not be a problem.

Preparing for your order:

Place the heads of the flowers in a box.
Do NOT wrap flowers in anything ~ No Plastic or paper towels or tissues in the box.
Just let the flowers roll around in the box so that the air circulates through them.

Print and Fill out Order form Print and Fill out Shipping form Include your email and phone for confirmation. Place order form and shipping form in the box along with your flowers.
IMPORTANT~~~ Do not ship your flowers in envelopes especially the yellow envelopes as it can cause rapid browning to your flowers!