Q. How many roses are needed to make the keepsakes?
Rule of thumb, one flower per item. However, for some items, I may need more or less than one. It is always best to send me the entire flower. Please text or email me for further details.
Q. How old is too old for my flowers?
I have made memory beads from flowers over 20 years old, so no flower is to fresh or too old.
Q. How long does it take to complete my order?
Orders typically take about 2-4 weeks. Memory beads are a labor of love. As such, every item is handmade and hand-shaped, there are no machines involved in the process. This process is reflected in the time it takes to craft your keepsake. Orders can sometimes take a little longer, especially for longer orders. Order times can vary throughout the year depending on demand and season.
Q. What is the most important thing I should know about Designs by Curly Wurly?
I want you to know that every item is made with love. I treat them as if they are my own. I save any extra flower and file them away to be used if you would like to place a future order.
Q. How do I care for keepsakes once I receive them?
Since these are hand made with your flower you want to enjoy them but also treat them with care. I ask that you take off the jewelry when you are showering, bathing, swimming, doing the dishes, etc.
Q. Do you offer discounts for large orders?
This process is labor-intensive. Each item is made by hand and has a significant amount of handwork. For this reason I are unable to offer discounts.
Q. Can other types of flowers be used besides roses?
Yes, I can use many types of flowers. However, roses are the most popular.
Q. Do I need to ship the flowers right away and in any special way?
The sooner I receive your flowers the better. Do not peel the petals off (I prefer to do this step) Place your flowers in a box. Do not use any plastic, paper towels as this can cause rapid browning to your flowers while they are being shipped to us. Cut the stems of the flowers, I only need the whole flower head. Place your flowers in the box. Just let flowers be free in the box. You can put the order form in the box. That's all that goes in the box, no plastic or no bubble wrap. Do not use envelopes to ship. US Post Office is the cheapest method. If possible use priority.